As the world and our lives as we knew it has completely changed, one can never be too sure what might happen next.  

While forced into isolation and the inability to travel or work as usual. Millions of people, including myself  have turned to the internet and content creation platforms to generate an income. 

I myself have had to utilise this solely as I am not able to travel for my work in film until Australia opens the international borders.

With the war against the adult industry, it is proving more and more difficult to know where to turn next. At the drop of a hat, an account/platform that has taken years of dedication and hard work to build can be deleted without warning. Or the platform it self can shut the doors on those who helped build and propell their business to astronomical proprotions. (But even the platforms themselves are under attack from these anti-porn activists, and  threats to lose the support of financial institutions, if we are permitted to continue with our business as we have been.

I am in the process of setting up on several platforms. You can take your pick as to what suits you best.

There you can find me, my attention, my content and the other digital services I have always provided.

I have lots of new things coming and I cannot wait to share these things with you.

You can find all of my official links here.

NOTE: If it is NOT on here or in one of my verified pages bio. It is not me!

So please be aware of fake accounts and scammers.

I will update this website weekly with any news/announcements or information.

Thank you for your support!


NB: My main twitter iamaubreyblack has been permanently disabled.
please be sure to follow my back up twitter and sign up to telegram phone app.