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  • No deposit - No booking.

  • A minimum of 20% is required to secure all bookings.

  • A minimum of 50% is required to secure all international travel bookings.

  • Payment in full can be made at any time prior to the meeting.

  • A screen shot of the transaction receipt is required to initiate the booking and confirmation process. 

  • Booking is only confirmed or can take place once the deposit/funds have cleared into the nominated business account.


  • Paid into an Australian business bank account via EFT or for  discretion purposes or faster processing, over the counter.

  • Venmo - Apple Pay 

Q: Why do I need to pay into a bank account prior and not give cash on the day.

A: All income is deposited into a business bank account, and it is more a safety aspect of not carrying cash at any time  and the legal standpoint that one cannot take large sums of currency in or out of said countries. It also rules out the possibility of counterfeit transactions.



We all have things that can come up unexpectedly from time to time. As with many service providing businesses, practices are put in place to ensure our time and business is protected.

  • If rain check/cancellation is made within 72hrs and prior to 24hrs of the scheduled booking the deposit may be used for a future booking date 'IOU'. No refund is given.

  • If you rain check/cancel prior to 72 hours of your booking time, you are welcome to put your deposit towards a future booking 'IOU' 

  • If I rain check/cancel every effort will be made to reach a suitable alternative booking date creating an IOU that the deposit can go towards

  • Deposits for international bookings are forfeited if cancellation is made 7 days or less to the booking date. 

  • No shows - If you have made a booking and do not show all funds deposited are forfeited, this includes where the full payment has been made. 

    • If you are a no show, In order for you to see Aubrey in future, you will need to pay the full booking fee for the missed appointment, to cover the time that has been lost.



  • Deposits are non-refundable

  • Under exceptional circumstances refunds  may be approved dependent on situation.

  • Refunds are made on the 1st business day of the following month from the cancellation date and not prior.

  • Refunds are made via the Australian business bank account your deposit was received into and is processed along with all monthly outgoings.

  • If a refund is granted your full banking details are required. Upon completion you will be sent notification of the completed transaction. Discretion and privacy is given, maintained and expected in return at all times.

    • ​Banking Institution

    • Your Full (Real) Name.

    • Account number and BSB


  • Booking deposits become an IOU if a rain check/reschedule is made within the appropriate time frame or meet the rain check/reschedule requirements. 

  • IOUS are valid for 12months from the reschedule/cancellation date.

  • Only 2 additional reschedules are permitted on an IOU. The IOU is then forfeited or where I have made the rain check/cancellation a refund can then be issued.


For each booking made a lot of effort, preparation, time & resources are invested into making things perfect thus providing each individual client with the high quality service they deserve.


Unfortunately there are many people who don't see adult work as 'real work' nor do they realise the significant impact no shows and last minute cancellations can have on a providers over all business and every one involved.

Also it is a sad fact that in this industry there are many attempts to derail successful workers. One of the methods used is to making fake bookings.

Deposits help to eliminate these problems and show us booking validity.

We appreciate your understanding.



Anything outside of this is NOT one of my booking staff.

If the email address has it is legitimate.


EMAIL Managed by my booking assistant Lynda

Mobile/whatsapp +61 423 464 213

Bank account names used.

S Campbell 

D Roberson

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