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Domina Black - Professional dominatrix 

Domina/Aubrey Black is an experienced, confident and skilled dominatrix.

The services listed below are some of the services Domina Black is well experienced and equipt to administer.

If you want something other than what is listed please add this information to your booking enquiry.

If you wish to book  please be sure to follow the 'BOOKING' process as outlined on this website.



Domination and submission are a consensual exchange of power.


Professional domination is (in most cases) the ‘fantasy’ of the exchange of power.

When it comes down to it, ‘you’ as my client are asking ‘me’ to act and to perform and provide a service typically

(but not always) as a women in a position of power.


Domination practices do not usually include/require 'full service' as part of the service.

Please be very clear when initiating contact with me,  about your specific wants, needs and overall desired outcome. 


Please evaluate your own risks before participating in any kink activities and prior to booking my services.

You understand that all forms of BDSM can carry some inherent risk of physical injury.

Hurting yourself or being hurt physically is not the only danger, partaking in BDSM & kinky activities can potentially

lead to emotional upset and injury and undoubtedly has the potential to damage/effect other areas of ones life. 


Together we mutually, actively consent to have your fantasies and desires projected onto your body or our bodies.

In a safe, non-judgmental environment. 




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