NB:  Services vary between countries and the various states within countries.

Availability of services is dependant on the laws within each area.  

It is your responsibility to be aware of the laws relating to your location when making an inquiry/booking. 


After reading over my website thoroughly please follow my simple but very effective 'booking proceedure' 

In the initial introduction you need specify who you are, your wants, needs & expectations for our time together.

The more information you can provide upon initial contact the better.

This will ensure your enquiry will be responded to with priority and the booking process to be finalised in a more timely and positive manner.



  • Companionship.

  • Couples

  • BG Doubles with Jaxson Wolfe

  • GG Doubles (Approved friends only).

  • Dinner/Lunch dates.

  • Events companion.

  • Interstate and International travel.

  • Parties / Bucks nights / Bromance

  • Groups

  • Video calls


  • Direct Bank Deposit

  • Bank Transfer: Must be cleared prior to booking.

  • Cash

  • Skype, Zoom Bookings.

    15 min
    10 per minute.

  • 1 hr
    1,000 Australian dollars

  • 1 hr
    1,500 Australian dollars
  • Oral only.

    15 min
    Starts at $450
  • Full service 15-30 min max. Includes chat, showers.

    30 min
    Starts at $600

  • 2 hr
    Starts at $1500

  • 4 hr
    Starts at $2500
  • *Business hours only.

    8 hr
    5,000 Australian dollars
  • Genuine couples wanting to book time with Aubrey.

    1 hr
    Starting at $1500
  • Aubrey & Jaxson Wolfe as seen in Brazzers. + 1 Other eg bbg or ggb

    1 hr
    Starts at $1500