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* Rates and services can vary for different cities/countries.

* A 50% deposit of both my fee and travel expenses are required and must be cleared to confirm the booking.

* The balance is due 7days prior to booking commencment.


Please contact me for longer term arrangements proposals. Eg semi exclusive Sugar Daddy proposals



Service rates plus

Airfare, accommodation, limo transfers.

All booking related expenses including (but not limited to) meals, drinks, outings, tickets, events.



BOOKINGS  Overnight 12hrs

I require 30 minutes 2x per day private, uninterrupted time to make contact with my staff & family.

Min 4hrs uninterupted sleep.

Remaining time: GFE, food, rest.



Are not available unless a shorter booking has carried previoisly. Eg. Dinner date or and overnight.

This is to ascertain that there is enough connection and chemistry to ensure we can enjoy each others company

for an extended period.


I require 30 minutes 3x per day private, uninterrupted time to make contact with my staff & family

1.5hrs to go to the gym or train.

Adequate uninteruppted sleep is required 6-8hrs


As with any travel situation, personal down time is necessary to recharge.

This is required on any booking over 12 hours.


I have specific food requirements (due to food intolerances & allergies)     

I also need to eat every 3hrs  

I am happy to take care of the majority of my snacks in between main meals and I prefer as little fuss made about my dietary needs .



Its rare for something to arise during a booking that is serious enough for the booking to end early but things happen.

If during our time together a legitimate emergency arises for either you or myself that requires the booking to end early.

The time remaining can be used at another time as agreed to by both parties. 



NB: if any of the following occur during a booking the booking will be terminated immediately. 

Full payment is still required.

No refund will be given.


  • Any verbal, physical, mentally abusive, insulting behavior (not in the context of a booking EG playtime dirty talk etc is permitted).

  • Threats

  • Invasion of privacy, eg going into my personal belongings, cupboards, drawers, bags, pockets, phone, computer, camera etc

  • Stalking / listening in when having private time.

  • Obvious mental disorders/problems manic, depressive, suicidal moods etc

  • Personal or family emergencies occur and the client ignores the need to end the session and attempts to continue the booking regardless.

  • Ignoring rules given prior to an engagement

  • Attempting to impose/force unsafe sex practices.

  • Refusing to wear protection.

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